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Bridges for Herdsmen in Mountain Pastures
Monday, 17 February 2014

bridge_by_pamir_bridge_in_kg14.jpegInterview with Bernard Repond, President of The Pamir Bridges Association

For remote mountainous areas of the world bridges serve as live line of communication with the outer world. They help locals to improve quality of live by providing better opportunities for increased earning from sales of traditional products as milk, wool and curd.

Trillions of Light Bulbs Summer
Saturday, 07 September 2013

temp_bed_at_snow_2.jpgRecollections of home by Bakyt Azimkanov

The nights in Fergana Valley are always balmy and tranquilising with a soothing breeze of cool air after a scorching day of heat. And the night sky is simply indescribably beautiful and a must see, especially after London’s constantly cloudy starless night sky.

Hot Patties, by D. Acheulov
Monday, 04 March 2013

Hot Patties

(title in Russian "Горячие пирожки")

by Dmitry Acheulov (Kyrgyzstan)


"You may meet her anywhere at any of capital's markets. She holds an aluminum plate in her hand, her voice is everywhere.

- Hot patties! And sadness in her eyes.

- Hot patties! And anguish in her eyes.

There is an indifferent sun in the sky, indifferent faces around.


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